How to choose an inverter welding machine.

For welding at home, you can purchase an inverter welding machine. On sale you can find just a huge number of different versions of this device, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable model. A fairly common question is how to choose an inverter welding machine for the home, as well as what performance characteristics it should have. The inverter is a device with compact dimensions and low weight, which greatly simplifies the process of transportation and storage. When using an inverter welding machine, almost all types of work can be carried out, the main thing is to choose a more suitable model.

The best welding inverters for home

Since inverter technology gives compact dimensions and constant current, it is the most suitable equipment for domestic use. Here is a rating of welding inverters for the home, based on feedback from welders who have already tried these devices.

Inverter device

Considering how welding inverters work, you need to remember the principle of operation of transformers designed to convert current and voltage. The inverter type device has the following features:

  • • Magnetic induction is used to significantly reduce the voltage that is applied to the working body.
  • • With a decrease in voltage in the condition of constant resistance, the current increases significantly.
  • • Inverter-type welding machines reduce the usual voltage of 220 V to 30 V, due to which the current strength increases by several hundred amperes.
  • • An increase in this indicator leads to the formation of an arc, which becomes a source of heat. Radiation melts the metal.

The simplicity of the design determines that the home welding machine has become widespread and is used to carry out tasks of various complexity. However, to improve the quality of the weld, it is necessary to precisely control the parameters of the resulting arc. That is why the voltage conversion is carried out in several stages.